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2022 New Hindi Dubbed Movies | Top 6 Best Hollywood Movies in Hindi List


Some people like monster movies, others like wrestling, and there are still others who like both. All of these people, especially those in the third group, will be excited to hear about Rumble, the upcoming star-studded animated feature film from Paramount Animation and WWE Studios that combines the best of both worlds and tells the story of an underdog. It will be released in early 2022 and will be a must-see for fans of combat sports of all shapes and sizes.

If this sounds interesting and you want to know more, stick around. We have a lot of information about the release date, the cast (which includes Will Arnett, Terry Crews, and some of WWE’s biggest stars), and everything else you need to know before the supersized monster wrestling movie comes out.


And yet, this idea is one of many things in Simon Kinberg’s movie that feel frustratingly half-baked. Kinberg is the director and co-writer of the movie. There isn’t much more to these women than a few traits, and the times when they might show something deeper or more important about themselves are brief. The action scenes, which are the core of any movie like this, don’t have enough muscle. The complicated chases and fight scenes are more annoying than exciting because of the shaky camerawork and quick cuts that hide the choreography and work that went into setting them up.

Even the way the clothes are made is a letdown. With Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger, and Penelope Cruz, you have four stunning actresses with a lot of talent and range who can wear any outfit with style and grace. Except for a high-dollar auction in Shanghai, “The 355” misses the chance to dress these women in show-stopping outfits as they move from city to city, which would have added to the feeling of glittering escape. The film’s fifth star, Bingbing Fan, doesn’t show up much until the end, even though the marketing makes it seem like she does.



Senior Year

Senior year

“Senior Year” combines two high-concept movie ideas—the movie about going back to high school and the movie about waking up from a coma—into a comedy that is sometimes funny but mostly predictable.

It’s a good place for Rebel Wilson to show off her raunchy charms, and she continues to prove that she’s more than just a reliable irreverent sidekick. Angourie Rice was a great choice to play Wilson as a teenager. She actually gets to be Australian, which is rare, and she does a great job of mimicking Wilson’s sly, deadpan delivery.

Both actresses are willing to do whatever crazy things the movie asks of them, which is why “Senior Year” feels like a waste of both of their talents. Alex Hardcastle’s first movie as a director is like a list of references to the early 2000s that are brought to life with a lot of energy. Too often, the movie feels like two hours of Leonardo DiCaprio from “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” pointing at the TV. Mentions of CK1 perfume, Smirnoff Ice, Von Dutch jeans, and needle drops by Nelly and Avril Lavigne do take you back to a certain time in pop culture. (Although “Senior Year” gets one of its best laughs from how it uses the Mandy Moore hit “Candy.”) But there isn’t much new to say about this particular time of change after the year 2000 or about the dangerous allure of high school popularity.

Since she was a shy 14-year-old girl moving from Australia to the United States, Stephanie has been obsessed with this goal. With the advice she gets from teen magazines—”Three Pounds Is the Difference Between Hot and Obese” screams one headline—she gives herself a makeover, becomes captain of the cheerleading squad, dates the dumb football player, and sets her sights on the ultimate goal: becoming prom queen.

The Outfit

the outfit


There aren’t many movies as stylish as “The Outfit.” It’s a cheap, always-changing whodunit that was put together with the same care that goes into making a deceptively simple suit. (Please excuse the obvious puns.) It’s surprising that this is Graham Moore’s first movie role since “The Imitation Game,” a well-made WWII thriller that won him the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2015. Here, he also takes on the role of director for the first time. He does so with poise, cutting and sewing a simple single-location nail-biter with the same care he put into his award-winning film.

Our Father

Our father

In the 1970s and 1980s, an Indiana fertility specialist named Dr. Donald Cline gave his own sperm to dozens of patients without their knowledge or permission. Our Father, a new documentary that came out on Netflix in May, tells the stories of some of these women and Cline’s (at least) 94 biological children.


The film, which includes interviews with the parents and their children as well as other people close to the case, tells the story of how the siblings found out the truth about their biological parents and shows how angry and determined they were when Cline wasn’t brought to justice for his crimes. At a time when the right to safe and informed reproductive care is under attack in the U.S., Our Father is especially powerful because it raises questions about how our legal system treats people who want to make their own decisions about reproduction and want to be compensated when those choices are taken away from them.

Promising young woman

Promising young woman

When three average guys walk into a bar, they see a woman who looks very drunk, falling over in her seat and barely able to keep her head up. Adam Brody’s character walks over to her with what he tells himself are good intentions. She has a problem. He is a “good person.” And if he doesn’t get her home safely, someone bad could hurt her. He would never do something like that. So he talks to Cassie (Carey Mulligan), who is obviously too drunk to understand what’s going on. And, of course, as he helps her get home, he suggests that maybe they should go to his apartment first. Even though she was barely awake, he began to kiss her and then went to the bed. Then he realises that she is not drunk and that he is not a very nice person.