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amanda balionis measurements and short bio

Gorgeous When CBS hired Amanda Balionis to cover the PGA Tour, she got a lot of attention. Even though she always wears a polo shirt or some other conservative outfit, it’s hard not to notice her body size. Balionis wears a size 36C bra, and her body is in the shape of an hourglass. So what else do we know about this newcomer? Find out how tall Jamie Erdahl, Katherine Heigl, and Tracy


amanda balionis

Short Bio

Amanda’s age is 32. She is crazy about dogs, yoga, and golf. Last one is also her main income source now. She joined the CBS golf team, and that almost instantly made her famous. During the interview, Balionis once said that she was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Aside from that, though, not much else is known about her. For example, “Does she have a boyfriend?”