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Why Choose BLT Studios and Soundstages?
BLT Studios and Soundstages has gained notoriety for offering the best shop sound stages in Hollywood. Our top-notch reasonable sound stages incorporate numerous green rooms, creation workplaces, and enough adjustable space for practically any size cast and group. Our sound stages are worked to oblige the most requesting projects, all made simpler and productive with our on-location hold and electric bundles.

Our well-disposed and skilled staff are prepared to help you with anything that you want, be it helping to pick the most recent lighting, the most practical hold bundle, or helping you with your financial plan. If there’s anything we can do to make your occupation simpler, you can have confidence we’ll get it done. You can likewise utilize our green screen studio and our white cyc studio! Whether you’re new to the entertainment world, a laid-out creation organization, a Hollywood maker, or a growing Youtube character, bltsoundstages.com and Soundstages will work with you to guarantee you leave with all that you imagined for your undertaking, and that’s just the beginning. That is the reason BLT Studios and Soundstages have the best shop sound stages Los Angeles brings to the table.

Picking the right solid stage rental in Los Angeles is a significant piece of any film project, paying little mind to financial plan or time requirements. Whether you’re shooting a free component, a music video, a Hollywood blockbuster, or a Youtube series, BLT Studios and Soundstages have the ideal sound stage for any task. Our a-list conveniences are strategically placed in the core of Hollywood, offering more than 30,000 square feet of chief soundstage space at a reasonable cost.



Sound stages are sets that have been completely soundproofed. Highlighting high roofs and open, huge spaces, these stages are ideal for creations to configure, fabricate, and film projects and are staples of the entertainment world in Hollywood and Los Angeles. Soundproofing kills the issue of outside clamor, permitting you to control the climate around you for simpler, more proficient filmmaking. Controlling the commotion contamination considers sound accounts to be shot at the same time, diminishing how much sound re-recording you would need to do in after creation.


Sound stages are not quite the same as alleged “quiet stages” which, amusingly enough, are not soundproofed! That is the very thing that makes that s little sound stage so significant: with expertly soundproofed stages, discourse from entertainers is caught at the time, adding a layer of legitimacy to the exhibitions on film.
In contrast with shooting on the spot, leasing a sound stage is a sure thing for any movie producer, picture taker, Youtube maker, or TV maker. Sound stages have various advantages, including:

Controlled lighting

The best strong stages will have lighting bundles that can be adjusted to anything details your venture might require. While lighting set-ups are really in your control, you won’t have to stress over shadows, smothered pictures, or faintly lit shots.

Imaginative camera shots

Because sound stages have enormous, open spaces for sets to be implicit, camera set-ups are boundless. At the point when walls can be moved and spaces straightened out to have the chance you need, your creation will have significantly more adaptability and imagination with the camera points you can accomplish.

Fresh sound

Sound stages are soundproofed to consider exchange and room sound to be kept progressively. Without outside clamor contamination compromising your shots, you’re allowed to be as clear as calm as you need unafraid of being overwhelmed. You won’t ever need to stress over nearby development, leaf blowers, or above planes destroying your recording at any point down the road!

Quality encounters

Shooting on the spot normally implies going head to head against the components of climate. Utilizing a sound stage implies you control the climate, including cooling and simple admittance to conveniences like kitchens, restrooms, and showers.

Effective filmmaking

At the point when the above components are all thought of, picking a sound stage is ensured to make for a more effective, smoothed-out recording experience. The less time it takes to film a venture, the more cash in your financial plan can be put towards other imaginative purposes. Shooting in reasonable sound stages implies you’re dealing with your timetable, and in full control of your spending plan and time.