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Dwayne Johnson Reveals First Look At Young Rock Season 2

Dwayne Johnson Reveals First Look At Young Rock Season 2

First look at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new season of NBC’s series Young Rock, which premieres March 15th.


Dwayne “The Rock”

revealed a first peek at Young Rock season 2 in an Instagram post. Young Rock is an NBC biographical sitcom that follows Johnson through various stages of his life. Johnson & Nahnatchka Khan co-created the show, which launched in February 2021 and chronicled The Rock’s life from childhood to collegiate football to professional wrestling and beyond.

Johnson will continue to tell his story, with the help of a cast that spans different eras. Adrian Groulx reprises his role as Dwayne the kid, Bradley. Constant portrays his adolescence, and Uli Latukefu reprises his role as a young adult. Randall Park, Stacey Leilua, Joe Lee Anderson, and Ana Tuisila are among the cast members who will return.

The young actors tell the narrative of how The Rock became the superstar he is today through intertwined stories. An older Dwayne Johnson, who is running for president in 2032, is narrating the entire story. The program is presented as a future version of The Rock telling Park’s actor-turned-journalist his life narrative. Assuming the election results are accurate, Season 2 will presumably begin with the cast and crew returning to their best pranks from the star’s past.

The Rock shared exclusive photographs from season 2 on Instagram, along with the premiere date of March 15. Fans reacted positively when he shared a first look at what’s ahead for the show with his 299 million followers.


Dwayne Johnson

Johnson and Park appear to have more fun together even after the election, as evidenced by intimate moments between his teenage self and his dad, his football career as a young adult, and childhood lessons from his mother. Check out the images below.

Young Rock’s NBC comedy, which comically addressed Johnson’s most iconic events, including coming up with WWE catchphrases and the now-famous fanny packshot, received a good reception from audiences. The series strikes a balance between a cheerful, comic tone and essential principles Johnson has learned throughout his life. Season two will premiere in November 2021, following the series’ enormous success in terms of streaming numbers.

Johnson’s heartfelt social media statement expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to tell his tale and predicts a wonderful season. While there is no guarantee that Johnson will win the election and assume the presidency, fans can expect memories from The Rock’s WWE career.

Young Rock also appears to be exploring. Johnson’s football expertise, the difficulties he had while preparing in the ring. a slew of new hobbies with Park, including cooking and possibly horseback riding. Season 2 is rapidly coming and with lingering uncertainties over Johnson’s election results. viewers can expect more episodes full of wholesome life teachings from the Hollywood legend shortly.