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Kangana Ranaut takes another pot-shot at Alia Bhatt’s Gangubai Kathiawadi and published a blind article that stated the film’s box office earnings were rigged.

Despite the film Gangubai Kathiawadi’s box office triumph, actress Kangana Ranaut stated her doubts. As of now, the film starring Alia Bhatt has crossed the Rs. 100 crore mark. An article that claimed the film’s box office data had been manipulated was shared by Kangana on Instagram. They were motivated by the film’s success at the box office to do so, she explained.



She wrote: “Achcha doodh mein pani… but pani me doodh……?” “Uh oh,” you say, “how can you know that you’re going to win?” It appears that the helpless people had certain obligations (we have heard of the tendency of diluting milk with water, but here water seems to have been diluted with milk).” According to an insider referenced in the article, the weekend sales figure was less than half of what was reported.


On Monday, Taran Adarsh, a trade analyst, tweeted that the film had crossed the Rs 100 crore barrier and was still going. Moviegoers’ top pick on [second] “GangubaiKathiawadi” Sun — despite a formidable opponent [#TheBatman] – also reaches double digits… On the verge of cr… [Week 2] Friday, $5.01 million, Saturday, $8.20 million, and Sunday, $10.08 million. For a total of 92.22%, he tweeted. “#India business.”


Kangana Ranaut hasn’t been shy about criticizing Alia Bhatt’s Gangubai Kathiawadi in the past. She had already lashed out at Alia, labeling her a ‘bimbo’ and a ‘papa ki pari,’ before the film was even released. On Instagram, she wrote, “This Friday 200cr will be burned to ashes at the box office….” to establish that romcom bimbo can act for a papa (movie mob boss) ki pari (who prefers to keep a British passport). The film’s major flaw is the inappropriate casting… It’s no surprise that screens are moving to the South and Hollywood blockbusters are making their way on the big screen… Bollywood is doomed because the movie mafia wields so much power in the industry…


Kangana, on the other hand, hailed the film’s success after its release. Previously, she had written, “Happy to learn that theatres are being revitalized in the South cinema business with record-breaking collections. In the Hindi belt, I’ve heard that some little measures are being done as well. When it comes to the most recent female-centric picture, which features an enormously popular star and an equally well-known director. Even if they are small steps, they are not inconsequential. Theaters that rely on ventilators here will greatly benefit from them. Great.”

Thalaivii, the last film in which Kangana Ranaut appeared, didn’t do well at the box office. Dhaakad and Tejas, as well as her own show, Lock Upp, are in the works.