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Perfect Woman Body Ideal Body Measurements

Even though people’s ideas about what makes a perfect woman body change over time and across cultures, there are some things that everyone agrees on. Most of them are done without thinking. In the next article, we will talk about the most important things about women. When a woman has most of the things listed below, people find her attractive whether Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Aniston is your ideal.


In contrast to the body, a perfect face has proportions that are more or less average. For instance, the distance between two people’s eyes shouldn’t be too big or too small. The same goes for other parts of the face. A study from the University of Toronto showed that this is true. And what are the so-called “magic” averages? If the width of the face as a whole is 100%, then the distance between the eyes should be 46%. And if the overall height of the face is 100% on our scale, the distance between the middle of the mouth and the middle of the eyes should be 36%. Several famous women, like Jessica Alba and Shania Twain, are close to these numbers.

Breast size

No one agrees on the best size for breasts. Men tend to overestimate the size of a woman’s bust they want, and Western culture in general encourages women to have bigger breasts. But attractiveness is almost always judged by how well the size of the bust and hips match up, while the waist is clearly thinner. This is what people call an hourglass shape.

Breast shape

In fact, shape is more important than size when it comes to breasts. As a sign of youth, people want firm busts more than saggy ones. People often call breasts with a firm shape “perky breasts.” The famous “pencil test” says that if a woman has smaller cup sizes, there shouldn’t be a fold under her breasts. But at some sizes, you have to make a small fold for it to look natural. No one thinks it’s unattractive if the breasts fold under, even if they are bigger. Shape also changes based on how a woman stands.

The so-called “breast ratio” is what most people don’t pay attention to. Researchers found that the upper half of the breast should make up 45 percent of the total volume of the breast, while the lower half should make up 55 percent. In practise, this means that the upper half of even a firm natural bust doesn’t have a convex shape (woman without a bra). The upper half of the breast has a convex shape only when a bra or other supportive underwear is worn. The tips of the noses should point up at a 20-degree angle. But these are just averages of what an attractive bust looks like. They are not strict rules.

Hips and buttocks

If a woman wants to look feminine, she should have wider hips and a bigger butt than a man. Again, the shape matters more than the size. People find attractive butt cheeks that are firm and round. People often talk about the “heart-shaped ass.” The bottom curve of each cheek is round, and the inner curves should also be slightly round in the best case (give an impression that cheeks are pressing against each other). This makes the buttocks look like an upside-down heart.


A flat stomach is another sign of youth and fitness, so it is seen as a sign of beauty. The “hourglass figure” includes a slim waist, and unlike men, there’s no need to have “six-pack” muscles on it.


People think it’s attractive to have long, straight legs. Many people talked about whether or not there should be a space between the thighs. But we are sure that both cases will appeal to you.


Men don’t really need to have a perfect body at home to be happy, so if you’re a woman, take this article more as a list of interesting facts than as something you need to work on.