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Ten Celebrities Who Have Insured Body Parts

Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs

Teams often buy insurance against star players getting hurt, which could ruin their careers and the club’s business.

Real Madrid paid a whopping £45 million per leg, ( Insured Body) or £90 million, to protect the Portuguese star’s legs in 2013. Some people might think it’s crazy, but the player is a reliable goal-scorer for Real. He scores more than one goal a game on average.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Jennifer Lopez’s backside

The singer and Hollywood actress is known for her curves, and some say she has insured her buttocks for as much as £180 million.

Charlie Chaplin’s feet

The famous silent film actor was known for the way he walked, and it is said that he insured his tools of the trade for £100,000, which was a lot of money in the 1920s.

Charlie Chaplin's feet


Daniel Craig’s body

When he came out of the water in blue shorts as James Bond, the actor made hearts beat faster. In his second movie as James Bond, Quantum of Solace, he was said to have insured his body for £6 million in case he hurt himself while doing his own stunts.

Daniel Craig's body

oey Essex’s hair

The reality star recently told a newspaper that, after launching his own hair care line, he hoped to insure his locks for a cool £1 million so that he would always look “reem.”

 Joey Essex's hair

Mariah Carey’s legs

The diva wasn’t known as much for her pins as she was for her wide vocal range and ability to make hit after hit, but she still bought a $1bn policy after being on the cover of Gillette’s Legs of a Goddess campaign in 2006.

That’s an eye-popping £300 million for each leg.

Mariah Carey's legs