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Troll (2022) Ending Explained – Is the troll caught before it causes trouble?

Summary of the Troll Plot

In the movie Troll, a group of outcasts work together to stop a monster from wreaking havoc across the country. Deep in the Dovre Mountains, an explosion rocks the area, letting out a huge monster that scares the people who live there.

This monster destroys everything in its way and sets its sights on Oslo. It then makes a plan for how to get there. Nora Tidemann, an expert in paleobiology, Andreas Isaksen, an advisor to the Prime Minister, and Captain Kris of the army must find a way to stop the destruction before it’s too late.

Troll (2022)

Nora’s father, Tobias, makes things even worse because he knows more about Trolls and folklore than anyone else in the area. Only, Nora hasn’t talked to her crazy father in a long time, and that could be a problem. But will they be able to get along to solve Norway’s monster problem?

 Tobias survive?

When the army meets the Troll for the first time, things don’t go as planned. The behemoth doesn’t care much about explosions or gunfire, and it can also smell the blood of individual soldiers. Tobias stands up and tries to calm the animal down after it ate one of the soldiers fighting with the group. With his arms open, he seems to be doing well.

But another vehicle comes along and fills the troll with bullets. As it turns and crushes the people inside with a single boot, the Troll’s tail hits Tobias, sending him flying and crashing to the ground.

“Listen, little one. Believe…” He says to Nora, but he dies before he can explain what he meant.

Why did the Troll come to Oslo?

The Prime Minister gives a speech on TV to try to calm the country down after an operation involving church bells went wrong, killing people and destroying three helicopters. She gets everyone out of Oslo, declares a state of evacuation, and makes sure all the other areas are also clear. “Watch out for each other… and may God bless us all and our country.” She says.


So, when everyone moves out, Nora has a “light bulb” moment. She goes back into Oslo because she thinks there might be a clue in the Royal Palace there. This explains why her father wrote “Sinding” in his journal about the man who is living there now.

Nora and Andreas are taken deep underground at the Royal Palace, where Sinding tells them that he and the other officials killed Tobias to keep their secret safe. And that secret is the bones of a Troll family that were buried underground.

Trolls care most about their families, and during the process of Norway becoming Christian, the Troll King was taken to the Dovre Mountain, locked up, and left for dead. He was freed by the earlier bombs, and now he’s going back to Oslo to try to find his children.

How is the Troll stopped?

Nora gets an idea when she shines her UV light on the bones and hears them sizzle.

Nora takes the Queen’s pickup truck and calls Captain Kris to tell him where to be. As the Troll gets closer and heads for the city center, Sigrid’s skills at HQ help stop the military fighter planes from firing missiles at the creature. Sigrid stops them from doing this by causing a glitch in the system from a distance.

Andreas tells Nora she can do it when she starts to doubt herself. Oslo is still standing, and Nora’s plan is still going strong. As they get ready to leave, they take the big tarp off the back of the truck to reveal… the head of one of the Troll children who was found underground.

After the Troll accidentally breaks the skull and realizes it has no family left, it goes after Nora and Andreas to make them pay. It goes after them just as Sigrid is caught taking over the system at HQ.

Nora almost makes it to safety. She jumps out of the truck just as the Troll is about to step on her and break her into pieces. Around the Troll, military vehicles with big UV lights on the back start shining them on it. As they turn on one by one, they heat up the creature.

How does Troll end?

While the UV lights have frozen the Troll in place, Nora turns off all the lights at once and begs the Troll to leave. Kris tells all the men to stop firing and stand down. “Go to a safe place.” “Go back to the mountain!” she

There’s a brief moment of peace, but then the sun starts to come up, and the Troll falls down in a heap. Just before the creature turns completely to stone, Nora reaches out and gently touches it. She watches as the eye closes and the threat is gone.

Troll (2022)

Nora decides that this area should be called Tobias Boulder because she and her father have already made up.

Andreas also quits his job at the PM because he wants to become a writer, which was his dream. “Do you think there might be more? In a mountain cave way up high?” Andreas asks while Nora smiles and the movie ends.

Is there a scene after the credits?

Yes! Stay around as the movie moves to the Dovre Mountain, where you can hear rumbling in the distance and see a lot of rocks moving. All of a sudden, there is a huge roar and all the stones fly into the air… and then everything goes black.