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What Does GMS Mean on Snapchat | Update your Snap Lingo!

If you think the internet is weird for slang, welcome to Snapchat. You can find millions of dialect that strictly defines Snapchat only. Did your friend just text you ‘GMS’ on Snapchat, and you have no idea how to reply? Let me help you. Here is everything on what GMS means on Snapchat.

You might also get GNS, which is the same as GMS in theory. It can’t always be text; it can also be a picture or GIF. Younger people have a lot less patience, which is clear from the way they shorten words in text messages. Since these terms can’t all be used in the same way, even they don’t know what SFS on Snapchat means.


If you are a normal Snapchat user, you don’t need to know slang. If you represent a brand in marketing or are a brand, you should know these. Let’s figure out exactly what GMS means on Snapchat.