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What’s the Average Cost of Car Insurance Across the Country?

Full-coverage car insurance costs the average American $1,730 per year, or a little more than $144,000 per year. If you think this rate is a bit high, you should know that drivers can use discounts to lower their rates.

What Makes the Average Cost of Car Insurance Change?

Premiums for car insurance vary a lot based on the following:

Credit score: In most states, people with bad credit pay more for car insurance.
Amount of the deductible: If your car insurance deductible is high, your rates will likely be lower.
Coverage limits: The cost of full coverage on a car insurance policy is much higher than the cost of just the state minimum coverage.
Driving record: Most drivers pay much more if they have gotten a DUI, a speeding ticket, or were at fault in an accident.
Options for bundling: If you bundle your auto insurance with other types of insurance, like renters or homeowners insurance, you may get a better deal.
Age, gender, and marital status: Young drivers, single drivers, and male drivers tend to pay more than older drivers, married drivers, and female drivers.
Location: Insurance quotes are usually higher for drivers who live in states with strict coverage requirements or in areas with a lot of thefts, accidents, and drivers who don’t have insurance.
Make, model, and age of the car: Replacement parts for older models may be cheaper, but they may not have the latest safety features. Policies for cars with low safety ratings tend to be more expensive. The Toyota Corolla and Ram 1500 are usually expensive to insure, but the Honda CR-V and Ford Escape have some of the lowest rates.
It costs more for car insurance that covers more than the state minimums for bodily injury liability and property damage liability. But drivers are strongly encouraged to add the following types of coverage to reduce costs and stress after an accident:

Accident insurance
Full coverage insurance
Coverage for uninsured drivers
Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance or medical payments coverage (MedPay)
Since car insurance companies base their rates on a lot of different factors, it’s hard to know what your costs might be without getting quotes from different companies. You can figure out how much you might spend by using online quote calculators.

Cost of car insurance on average by state

Because each state sets its own minimum requirements for auto insurance coverage, where you live has a big impact on how much you’ll pay for coverage.

Find out how much car insurance costs on average in each state in the United States. Note that these numbers are for a 35-year-old driver with a clean driving record and good credit who wants full coverage car insurance.

State Average Monthly Cost of Car Insurance Average Annual Cost of Car Insurance
Alabama $123 $1,479
Alaska $117 $1,400
Arizona $146 $1,754
Arkansas $127 $1,525
California $174 $2,089
Colorado $155 $1,860
Connecticut $250 $2,999
Delaware $181 $2,169
District of Columbia $159 $1,903
Florida $246 $2,947
Georgia $135 $1,617
Hawaii $152 $1,819
Idaho $89 $1,069
Illinois $112 $1,347
Indiana $111 $1,332
Iowa $98 $1,181
Kansas $123 $1,471
Kentucky $148 $1,779
Louisiana $232 $2,783
Maine $80 $964
Maryland $152 $1,818
Massachusetts $221 $2,647
Michigan $315 $3,785
Minnesota $136 $1,632
Mississippi $120 $1,434
Missouri $145 $1,734
Montana $162 $1,938
Nebraska $135 $1,621
Nevada $179 $2,149
New Hampshire $112 $1,349
New Jersey $170 $2,037
New Mexico $121 $1,449
New York $232 $2,783
North Carolina $114 $1,368
North Dakota $114 $1,366
Ohio $86 $1,027
Oklahoma $144 $1,726
Oregon $111 $1,334
Pennsylvania $137 $1,647
Rhode Island $154 $1,848
South Carolina $139 $1,665
South Dakota $138 $1,652
Tennessee $107 $1,281
Texas $146 $1,752
Utah $126 $1,507
Vermont $88 $1,056
Virginia $95 $1,142
Washington $120 $1,438
West Virginia $128 $1,537
Wisconsin $102 $1,219
Wyoming $147 $1,767

The states where car insurance costs the least

The following states tend to have the nation’s lowest average cost of full-coverage car insurance:

  1. Maine: $964 per year
  2. Ohio: $1,027 per year
  3. Vermont: $1,056 per year
  4. Idaho: $1,069 per year
  5. Virginia: $1,142 per year
  6. Iowa: $1,181 per year
  7. Wisconsin: $1,219 per year
  8. Tennessee: $1,281 per year
  9. Indiana: $1,332 per year
  10. Oregon: $1,334 per year

States With the Highest Average Cost of Car Insurance

The states below often have the highest average cost of full-coverage car insurance in the U.S.:

  1. Michigan: $3,785 per year
  2. Connecticut: $2,999 per year
  3. Florida: $2,947 per year
  4. New York: $2,783 per year
  5. Louisiana: $2,783 per year
  6. Massachusetts: $2,647 per year
  7. Delaware: $2,169 per year
  8. Nevada: $2,149 per year
  9. California: $2,089 per year
  10. New Jersey: $2,037 per year

Average Car Insurance Costs by Company

Full-coverage policies from different auto insurance companies don’t have the same premiums, either. If you’re a driver looking for cheap car insurance, check out the companies below. All of them have annual rates that are less than the national average of $1,730:

State Cheapest Car Insurance Provider Average Annual Cost of Car Insurance
Alabama USAA $987
Alaska USAA $949
Arizona GEICO $1,071
Arkansas USAA $933
California USAA $1,408
Colorado GEICO $1,119
Connecticut GEICO $891
Delaware USAA $1,240
District of Columbia GEICO $939
Florida GEICO $1,937
Georgia GEICO $1,238
Hawaii USAA $1,006
Idaho USAA $648
Illinois Country Financial $994
Indiana GEICO $806
Iowa State Farm $843
Kansas USAA $843
Kentucky GEICO $1,127
Louisiana USAA $1,576
Maine Auto-Owners Insurance $557
Maryland USAA $920
Massachusetts Progressive $1,922
Michigan Progressive $1,530
Minnesota USAA $1,060
Mississippi USAA $860
Missouri USAA $758
Montana USAA $865
Nebraska USAA $1,044
Nevada USAA $1,239
New Hampshire USAA $714
New Jersey GEICO $1,359
New Mexico USAA $882
New York Progressive $1,300
North Carolina Nationwide $968
North Dakota USAA $762
Ohio Grange Insurance $738
Oklahoma USAA $953
Oregon USAA $945
Pennsylvania Nationwide $1,107
Rhode Island USAA $918
South Carolina American National $678
South Dakota USAA $1,196
Tennessee USAA $797
Texas Texas Farm Bureau $1,013
Utah USAA $896
Vermont USAA $724
Virginia USAA $824
Washington USAA $813
West Virginia USAA $870
Wisconsin GEICO $738
Wyoming American National $877


Remember that USAA is only for members of the military, veterans, and their families. Those who don’t qualify for the provider’s coverage are likely to find competitive rates from other top car insurance companies like State Farm, GEICO, and Progressive.

Average Cost of Car Insurance by Driver Profile

Your car insurance rates will depend a lot on how well you drive and how good your credit is. We’ll talk about the average rates for different types of drivers so you can get a better idea of how much you might pay.